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The Metagalaxy

Published: 2nd August 2020

Citation: Astronist Institution. (2020). The Metagalaxy. Available: Last accessed: [date].



one of the subservient existences in the cosmology of Astronism conceived as the space, progeny and phenomena in The Cosmos beyond the boundaries of individuals galaxies, especially as considered to be an animate totality with the opportunity for astronal connection and contemplation.


Metagalactic | ˈmɛtəɡəˈlaktɪk | adjective
Metagalactically | ˈmɛtəɡəˈlaktɪk(ə)li | adverb


Astro-English: from Astronese, the term metagalaxy was coined and popularised by Cometan to denote contemplation of the largest structures in The Cosmos, namely filaments, superclusters, and quasars.

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