Copyright Issues for The Original Omnidoxical Series Covers

Each of the covers for The Original Omnidoxical Series were carefully picked to ensure that no copyright infringements were made in the course of their publication and distribution. To further signify the Institution's commitment to upholding copyright holder's dignity, we have provided links below to the owners of each cover image. 

The Omnidoxy – Orion Nebula. Public domain image from the NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope 2006. Link:

The Monodoxy – Free to use image from Unsplash by Juan. Link:

The Duodoxy – Eye for an Eye. Image © TylerCreatesWorlds. Link:

The Tridoxy – Image © Link:

The Tetradoxy – Free to use image from Pexels. Photo by Felix Mittermeier. Link:

The Pentadoxy – A 340-million pixel starscape from Paranal. © ESO/S. Guisard 2009. Link:

The Hexadoxy – The Milky Way core, tracked and stacked at 24mm. © Cory Schmitz. Link:

The Septidoxy – Crab Nebula. Public domain image from NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope 2005. Link:

The Octadoxy – Currently unknown source/origin for this image. The Institution's copyright department is working to find the owner of this work. If you are the owner or you know who is, please email us at Link:

The Nonodoxy – "No licence" from WallpapersCraft –

The Decadoxy – "No licence" from WallpapersCraft –

The Hendecadoxy – Image from WallpapersCraft. "No licence" required for this image. Copyright free. Link:

The Dodecadoxy – © Mads Peter Iversen. Link: