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Lancashire religious leader, Cometan, reveals his religion of the stars, Astronism

Lancashire religious leader mononymously named Cometan is a philosopher who was born in Preston in the county of Lancashire. From the age of fifteen, Cometan has received a series of revelations that gave him the ability to write a religious and philosophical book that came to be over 2 million words long. He called his book the Omnidoxy.

The Omnidoxy became the founding book of Astronism, a synthesis of religion and philosophy that is based on a cosmocentric worldview. One of the main beliefs of Astronism is cosmosis which prophesies each and every person's reunion with The Cosmos upon our deaths.

Cometan is a modern religious figure and philosopher who has also founded the discipline of cosmontology which is a branch of philosophy concerned with space exploration, the nature of The Cosmos, and humanity's future in relation to the stars.

Some images of Cometan, the founder of Astronism:

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