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Astronist Institution Publishes the First Institutional Dictionary of Astronism

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Spring has sprung and the Astronist Institution is celebrating with the publication of its latest book The Institutional Dictionary of Astronism, the most extensive reference work on the Astronist belief system to be published yet.

The precursor to this First Edition of the Institutional Dictionary was published last September titled A Concise Dictionary of Astronism. However, the Astronist Institution is today announcing the second entry to its book series Institutional Reference Works by adding this authoritative and detailed dictionary that covers all aspects of Astronism from A to Z.

It is a special and crucial time for Astronism and the Astronist Institution as the Founding era comes to an end this July 2021, an era which began 8 years ago 1st July 2013 with Cometan's Commencement of Ideation. This First Edition of the Institutional Dictionary is being published to commemorate the end of The Founding of Astronism and to harken the beginning of what is to be termed the Establishment era, or The Establishment of Astronism.

Book details:

  • Publisher: Astral Publishing

  • Number of pages: 882 (Paperback: 726)

  • Number of terms: over 9,000

  • Total word count: 243,654

  • Period of composition: December 2020 – March 2021

The book is beautifully displayed in an e-book format for all device types. Click to pick from your choice of retailers:

A paperback version of the book is purchasable from Amazon: CLICK HERE!

We look forward to receiving your feedback on The Institutional Dictionary of Astronism.


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