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Cometan introduces his new philosophy called Astronism in the book titled the Omnidoxy!

The 20-year-old philosopher has broken his silence on his brand new philosophy which is called Astronism.

  • The British author and philosopher has taken to his website to introduce his new philosophy called Astronism.

  • The 20 year old autodidact of philosophy has just completed his degree in business and marketing.

  • The rising star, Cometan, has created multiple articles about the philosophy on Cometan is an England-born philosopher and the author of the Omnidoxy which is the founding text of the philosophy of Astronism.

Brandon Taylorian, known mononymously as Cometan, has introduced his new philosophy known as Astronism to the whole world through his websites ( and

The young philosopher has been developing this philosophy/religion since he was fifteen years old and is now ready to share his ideas and beliefs.

He began writing the founding book of the philosophy at the age of seventeen and has called the book, the Omnidoxy, which is over 1.2 million words in total length making it one of the longest books in history, even longer than the Bible!

There are very unique beliefs as part of this new philosophy including cosmocentrism, reascensionism, and transcensionism, all of which are new words created by Cometan and have been explained in-depth at

Other key beliefs of the philosophy include the belief in the existence of sentient life on other planets, which Cometan terms as the belief of sentientism, as well as the belief that space exploration is the duty and destiny of humanity.

The 20-year-old philosopher steadfastly believes in the power of The Cosmos as a spiritual entity, including the stars, the planets, and the galaxies, as entities to which we can confide in and pray to as forms of divinity.

The mononymous philosopher is a famed autodidact of both philosophy, theology, and religious studies as he has never formally been taught those subjects in an academic institution yet his career is forming around those topics which makes him an autodidact; a person that is self-taught.

Cometan has recently introduced his philosophy of Astronism to the world through the publication of the philosophical treatise known as the Omnidoxy.

The young author and Astronism founder has created thousands of new words as part of the new philosophy which makes him one of the most prolific neologists.

The 20-year-old has been quoted as saying that the founding of Astronism is “just the beginning” as he spoke about his grand ambitions establish The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism which will governed Astronism and will act as the philosophy’s proprietor.

The philosopher has recently just completed his degree and is set to graduate on 15th July after his 21st birthday on July 1.

The 20-year-old will be in Tenerife this coming week for a vacation before returning to the UK to continue working on his philosophy, his books, and preparing for his birthday.

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